We don’t just have happy clients.

We have a base of fans who like our company and people, believe in our culture, enjoy our work and love what we do!

You guys are awesome! Your markup is so clean and affordable! It saves me so much time since my area of expertise is design more so than development. Keep up the great work.

Jennifer Evavold

What brilliant service!! Thank you. Hugs to you all. :)


Code My Concept works wonders for my company. They do awesome work! They also listen to and make changes when their customers make suggestions about things that can be improved upon. I won't use anyone else for as long as CMC is around.

Fatima Burke

CodeMyConcept Rules!

Brian Davey

Through Twitter I’ve found CodeMyConcept awesome guys who really dig the work they do, and every one of their customers are happy.

Philip Stringfellow

CMC have given us an extraordinary professional work, in lightning speed and for very reasonable prices. But actually what I was mostly impressed by was their work ethics and devotion. We felt like these guys care about our design just as much as we do. You can be certain they will take a very good care of your designs and deliver pixel-perfect work which would make your site look better and more professional on every web-browser and by any standards.

Mushon Zer-Aviv

Cement doc copy is an anagram of Code my Concept, and I'm sure they cement relations with your customers, fully document all their work and... and... and I'm sure you can complete the sentence!... and that should be 'their customers'.


CodeMyConcept has already helped my code one site for one of my buyers. Their services are so cheap that you could probably make an (unethical) business out of reselling their services. They did 15 pages of design for me for a discount rate, which really helped keep my rate affordable for my customers...


Really Amazing Services guys, keep on codin :)

Chris Meyer

Code my concept is great. They have been involved in many projects I have worked on and always deliver excellent results.

Jonathan Curran

I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love!


Just freaking awesome markup