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We absolutely adore WordPress and we love making your life easier. We'll supercharge your theme with the most essential features and rock your world with our straightforward approach, lightning fast turnaround time, and unbeatable pricing.

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We'll move the Moon and Earth, but we'll make sure you have the WordPress theme you always wanted. Managing your site will never be a hassle, you can stand by us. Hundreds of WordPress implementations we have worked on serve as a proof.

Got a Concept?
We've Got a Solution!

WordPress Customization

Although WordPress was initially created to host blogs, your entire website can be managed through WordPress, and we can make that magic happen.

Blog Implementation

If you have a blog included in your design, we’ll set that up for you.
You’ll be able to add posts, edit and delete user comments, whenever you want to.

Dedicated WP Developer

Your WordPress implementation will be developed by one of our experienced in-house programmers. Believe us, these guys only work on WordPress, day in and day out. WordPress runs through their veins and is the air they breathe… and they love it!

Page Management

You can edit,
add and delete pages in no time via WordPress; including video,
images and more.

Widget Additions

We will widgetize any areas you
need and make them work
like walk in the park:
buttons, comment boxes, and
search bars.

Project Support

When CodeMyConcept
works on your PSD to WordPress
project, you’ll get theme support within 30 days after its completion. If you have questions, you can just post them in your client area, and we’ll get right back to you.

Starting at $189
in three

Common Questions

  • 1 Can you install my theme?
    Can you install my theme?

    Yes we can. However, everything awesome comes with a price, and, with CodeMyConcept, it is just a small fee considering the intensity of the labor and the hosting requirements. We normally charge $30, but if it's a super complicated theme it could be a bit more. Contact us for a detailed quote.

  • 2 How do implementations work?
    How do implementations work?

    What's included in all our WordPress package is a basic theme implementation. In other words, we make simple templates based on your design. You will receive a theme that looks just like your design! If any additional features are required, feel free to send us your specifications for our investigation and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  • 3 What is a custom post type?
    What is a custom post type?

    A custom post type is a feature that creates different types of content in WordPress. There are five major types that WordPress uses by default: post, page, attachment, revisions and nav menus. You can also add your own custom post types and use them in different ways. These include: products, doctors, patients, cars, movies, etc.

  • 4 Who owns the final themed CMS?
    Who owns the final themed CMS?

    You of course! :)

Why will you love us?

We know everything about PSD to HTML5/CSS3

All markup developers at CodeMyConcept are meticulous, geeky perfectionists. They have been carefully trained by senior front-end developers with years of experience. We know everything there is to know about coding, web usability and marvelous markup, so no detail will be ever missed out. Your fabulous designs will be converted into neat code, with the highest precision ...and love.

Our guys have been working in the industry for years. They live HTML5, dream in CSS3, breathe WordPress, and dress in JavaScript. We dedicated our lives to learning the fine art of superior coding, and we’re proud that with every stunning project we deliver, the Web turns into a more user-friendly, cross-browser compatible and fast-loading place.

CodeMyConcept offers the most budget-friendly web development goodness. We believe that you deserve a neat HTML5/CSS3, fast-loading responsive website, and supreme service. We just made it affordable for everyone. No compromises on the quality, speed or devotion. This is the PSD to HTML coding as you've always wanted. As it should be.