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CodeMyConcept can guide
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Publishing Content Functionality

Magento allows you to easily manage your pages throughout your website. You can edit, add, and delete pages in any way you want, anytime you want.

Product Review Functionality

Provide your customers with real reviews! They will be able to add their own product reviews at all times. Provide your customers with a way to speak their minds.

Newsletter Sign-up Functionality

Keep your customers coming back! A great newsletter sign up form will help you keep everyone informed about your awesome deals, news and cool promotions all the time!

Search Functionality

Make searching through your site quick and easy so your customers can find exactly what they are looking for at all times. Don't lose sales over a lousy search bar.

Product Publishing

Keep your products up to date!
You will be able to add, edit,
and delete products on your Magento website so easily that a 3-year-old could do it.

Comment Functionality

Everyone has an opinion, including your customers; give them the chance to share their thoughts through an easy to use comments box so you can all keep in touch.

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Common Questions

  • 1 What is Magento?
    What is Magento?

    Magento is a powerful, feature-rich eCommerce platform built on an open-source technology that provides you with an exceptional flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of your online store. With great marketing, SEO, and catalog-management tools, Magento gives merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs.

  • 2 What does Magento cost?
    What does Magento cost?

    The Magento Community Edition is available as a free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license. The premium, Magento Enterprise Edition solution is available based on an annual subscription. For pricing and additional information please visit this page.

  • 3 What features does Magento support?
    What features does Magento support?

    Magento's feature list can be seen here.

  • 4 Where can I host Magento?
    Where can I host Magento?

    Most hosting providers should be compatible
    with Magento (see system requirements).

  • 5 What payment gateways are compatible with Magento?
    What payment gateways are compatible with Magento?

    Magento supports all major payment gateways like Paypal, 2checkout, Credit Card Processing, etc.You can find more information on compatible payment gateways here.

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