General Questions

What file types do you support?
We prefer PSD files, but we also accept any other type of design format; such as Sketch, PNG and AI. However, keep in mind that for these types of formats, we require you to include the images and font files, and also to specify the resolution of the website we need to convert from PSD to HTML.
What's your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time for PSD to HTML5 is 2-3 business days, without the time required for edits and revisions. If you have a larger bulk order of over 5-6 pages, the deadline may be extended; please check with us for further details. If you require a CMS implementation or any extra add-ons like JavaScript, this could also affect the turnaround time.
Does your team do modifications to running work?
Unfortunately we do not. We do absolutely everything from scratch, and this is achieved through a mockup.
What does PSD mean?
PSD means Photoshop Design. It is a layered mockup or design of your site, created through Adobe Photoshop.
Do you have any recommended layout and design standard guidelines for accepting PSD files?
We only accept layered PSD's and it is very important that it is organized and well commented if possible.
Do you have a maximum length for the PSD’s?
The maximum length is 2400px. If there is more content we will have to charge it as an extra sub page.
What type of payments do you accept?
You can pay for your project with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER and PayPal.
Do I provide you with a credit card up front, or do I give you that information after I've seen the results?
We work with payment upfront. We don't collect your credit card info; you can pay securely and directly from your credit card on the checkout page.
Do you offer design work?
We don't exactly offer web design services as we choose to focus strictly on providing the best PSD to HTML and CSS we possibly can.
What hours do you work?
CodeMyConcept offices are open from Monday to Friday, 7:00am – 4:00pm GMT (12:00am – 9:00am PDT). We quote time lines in business days, so please be aware that being we don't work weekends, those days are taking into consideration for our scheduled deadlines.
Do you offer discounts?
Our pricing structure is extremely competitive. CodeMyConcept already works with very close margins. However, in certain cases, we do offer discounts on bulk orders with lots of pages, and we also offer partner rates for returning customers. In addition to this, you can follow our social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of our promotions and discounts.
Can I pay after the project is finished, or pay just 50% upfront?
Currently, we require full payment upfront in order to start working on your project.
Will you use my code in your portfolio?
No, unless you give us permission to display your project on CodeMyConcept's website.


What browsers do you support?
We write code according to W3C standards, and we are proud to write code that is perfectly displayed in all popular browsers on all modern devices. Our HTML coding supports all the latest stable versions of modern browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Google Chrome.
Do you use a WYSIWYG program to create the site, and what program would be my best option for future site changes (done at my end)?
We do not use any WYSIWYG tool to code the sites. Instead, our programmers write all code from scratch and then check it directly in each browser to make sure it looks great. If you are not technically savvy, we recommend a WYSIWYG tool like Dreamweaver to make future changes to your site.
Do you use tables or DIVs?
We only code in DIVs according to the latest standards of HTML5/CSS3 technology, and tables are used only when absolutely necessary (tabular data).
What if I want to add extra sub-pages in the future?
If you want to add extra sub-pages in the future, we will charge you our normal sub-page rate. We will never charge you extra, no matter how much time has passed since working on the original project. All you need to do is place a new order, and make reference to the previous project number so we can identify which site the sub-pages are for.
Do you hand-code?
Yes! We don't use any form of a generator or "site grinder". You can be confident that every bit of your code is completely hand-coded by our experienced front-end developers.
Will your code be valid?
Absolutely! We only provide W3C valid hand-coded goodness! :)
Do you support CSS frameworks?
Sure! Upon your request, we can use Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and MaterializeCss. Please pick the desired framework in the “additional options” section on “order now” page or specify it in the comments to your project.


What CMS and eCommerce versions do you work with?
We can help you with the latest stable versions of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, and Magento Community Edition. If you need something different, then let us know, and our implementation team will further investigate that.
Who hosts the CMS or eCommerce site?
You may use your own hosting preference in which you will need to install the CMS. On the other hand, if you already have a hosting service and want us to install the CMS we can help you out for a very small fee.
I don't know what CMS or eCommerce to choose from, what can I do?
We'd be more than happy to provide you with several solutions to which CMS or eCommerce better suits your needs. Just post your request using our contact form, and we'll get back to you with the answer.
I already have a site that is coded in HTML/CSS but I need a CMS/eCommerce. Do you guys provide that service?
No, we only work with HTML coding we have worked on ourselves.
Do you provide documentation or training for the use of any CMS/eCommerce?
Unfortunately, we don't. Please check out all documentation on original sites of the CMS/eCommerce you need.
Who owns the final themed CMS?
You of course! :)
What type of payments do you accept?
You can pay for your project with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER and PayPal.
Do you provide ongoing support of the CMS themes you have developed?
Sure, we provide free theme support during 30 days after its delivery. After that we are glad to provide our support services on a paid basis should you require them.
How do implementations work?
Our implementation packages include the basic functionality. In other words, we take the design files, create the HTML5/CSS3 markup and implement it into a CMS of your choice with a default set of options available.
Do you have phone support?
Yes, our phone number is 1-877-486-5270. Call us Monday to Friday, from 7am to 4pm Mountain Standard Time.
What’s your turnaround time?
Our turn around time from PSD to xHTML is 2-3 business days without the edits and revisions time. Also, if you have a larger bulk order over 5-6 pages, the 2-3 business day timeframe could be delayed as well. And if you require an implementation or any extra add-ons like Javascript it also could affect the turn-around time as well.
Will you make changes and/or additions to the code if i request them?
After preview, if you approve the HTML5/CSS3, you are more than welcome to provide changes that you need done in order for the project to be fully pixel perfect based on your PSD files. You will have 3 rounds of edits (for example: font styling, minor alignment changes, JS effects) and if you require a change in the design that might require extra efforts, we may have to charge an additional fee. A round can be defined as a list of edits that we are going to complete. Once the first round is fully completed, if you need a few more changes you will be able to send a second round and a third round if needed. The programmer will need a detailed list of changes (screenshots if possible) so we can provide a fast and efficient result (this screenshot tool may be helpful: After the 3 rounds of edits are finalized you can ask for more changes, but this will be charged separately. If your project is a CMS: Edits on the CMS have the same flow as the HTML process, but they are only related to functionality (for example: change widgets, use different plugins, the logic of the code) and not HTML5/CSS3 because we will be using the HTML code that you previously approved.


What is WordPress MU?
WordPress MU was a separate project that allowed you to handle multiple sites with the same WordPress installation. WordPress MU is no longer a separate project since WordPress 3.0 was released. Instead, it is now part of the WordPress core; and is being continuously developed as part of the main WordPress branch, under the name Multisite or MS. This means that it will get more frequent updates and improvements. You can find out more here.
What is a custom post type?
A custom post type is a feature that creates different types of content in WordPress. There are five major types that WordPress uses by default: post, page, attachment, revisions and nav menus. You can also add your own custom post types and use them in different ways. These include: products, doctors, patients, cars, movies, etc.
Can you use PHP in WordPress widgets?
Yes we can; there is a WordPress plugin that allows us to do that. We can also code custom widgets. However, we will still need to check your particular request to make sure we can assist you with it.
What is an additional page template?
Individual pages can be set to use a specific custom page template (a PHP template file, e.g., snarfer.php) you create within your theme. This new page template will then override the default page.php page template included with your theme. We use additional page templates when the layouts of the pages are different from each other, thus making it impossible to use the default page.php template (Examples of additional page templates: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc).
Can you create a WP theme that will be ready to use with my existing WP site so that I can re use all the content I already have?

We would need to analyze very single case.

Certain requirements are:

  • If you're moving from a non-WordPress site to a WordPress site, we can create the theme for you.
  • If you're moving from one WordPress site to another WordPress site, we would need access the old WordPress database and theme functionality to make sure it can be done.
  • This way we can create the new WordPress site like a plug'n'play theme for your old content.


Do you do JavaScript and AJAX?
We have some really talented JavaScript and AJAX programmers here, so rest assured, you will be getting high-quality code.
What JS framework do you guys use?
We use only jQuery.
Do you do custom JavaScript work?
We certainly do! As soon as we receive your custom JS request, our experts will estimate the functionality to make sure they can take on the task.

Contact us in case of any questions: