What is it?

Wordpress platform


We love Wordpress. We'll make the PSD to Wordpress implementation on your site purr like a kitten with a warm bowl of milk. We take the beautiful PSD to HTML conversion we created for you, and do things you have never thought of: Social Networks? An Online Store? Your Company's Intranet? We can bend and twist Wordpress in any way possible - assuring you the theme or implementation you always wanted. Managing your website will never be a hassle, trust us: hundreds of Wordpress implementations we have worked on prove it.

WordPress Theme

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What you get for $189

  • Ability to manage your pages

    You can edit, add and delete pages via Wordpress in no time including video, images and more.

  • Wordpress customization

    Although Wordpress was initially created to host blogs, your entire website can be managed through Wordpress and we can make that magic happen.

  • Blog implementation into your website

    If you have a blog included in your design, we set that up for you. Add posts, edit and delete user comments.

  • Dedicated wordpress developer

    Your Wordpress implementation will always be developed by a CodeMyConcept's in house programmer that only works on Wordpress day in and day out. Wordpress runs through their veins and becomes the air they breathe, and they love it!

  • Widget additions

    We will widgetize any areas you need and make them work like walk in the park: buttons, comment boxes, and search bars.


    When CodeMyConcept works on your PSD to Wordpress project, you get theme support within 30 days after its completion. If you happen to have questions, you can just ask them in your client area.


why will you love us?

We know everything about Wordpress

Amazing Staff 

CodeMyConcept's Wordpress team is a very dedicated group of individuals that have studied and researched Wordpress so much, they can practically say they could have invented it. These people do nothing but Wordpress all day, everyday and have true passion for it, and it shows on every project they work on.

Trained in house, all Wordpress coders already know every trick there is to know about Wordpress and if something they have not seem before comes up, they will tame that beast in no time: the Wordpress team at CodeMyConcept is fierce.

Pixel Perfect Code 

Both our PSD to HTML conversions and our impressive Wordpress implementations are hand coded beauties, pixel perfect all the time an W3C standards compliant.

The CodeMyConcept's Wordpress team will create the most beautiful, well commented code money can buy and more, never overpriced, always marvelous.

Cust. Assistance 

Every single person that works at CodeMyConcept has been trained in-house, and we feel that our customers deserve only the best: from the moment we receive your PSD to the moment we provide you with the final project files, and even 6 months after your website is up and running you will receive top class assistance from Wordpress and Customer Service professionals that truly know what good service is all about.

Some common FAQs

  • What is a Custom Post Type?

    Custom post type is a feature that creates different types of content in WordPress. WordPress can hold and display many different types of content. There are five major types that WordPress uses by default: Post, Page, Attachment, Revisions and Nav Menus. WordPress 3.0 gives you the capability to add your own custom post types and to use them in different ways. (Products, Doctors, Patients, BIkes, Cars, Movies, etc).

  • Can you install my theme?

    Yes we can, however, everything awesome comes with a price, and with CodeMyConcept it is just a small fee based on how intensive the labor is and the hosting requirements. We normally charge $30, but if it's a super complicated theme it could be a bit more. Contact us for a detail quote.

  • How do implementations work?

    What's included in all our implementation packages are basic standard implementations. Basically, we make basic templates based off your design. Meaning you will receive a theme that looks just like your design. If any additional features are required, feel free to send us your specifications for our investigation and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  • Who owns the final themed CMS?

    You of course! :)

Maybe you have a few doubts

Is Wordpress right for me?

Here are our thoughts about this platform



Although Wordpress was originally created for blogging, nowadays it is used widely as a content management solution to many small to medium sized sites as well. Wordpress can do a whole bunch of stuff - Blogging, Content Management, E-commerce, Search and any other creative thing you can think of.

We do however recommend it for all small sites that want basic features. So you have a small 6-10 page site with a blog, we think Wordpress is for you. Want to sell a few products as well - maybe Wordpress can help, but you may want to check out Magento.


Successful uses of Wordpress

It might sound funny but the truth is that every single use of Wordpress is successful: from just managing one or several blogs, all the way to fully customized and detailed websites, Wordpress has the ability to make every single web design shine like a diamond.

Although other CMS's might be more suitable for different uses, Wordpress can be transformed into pretty much anything you can think of: the sky is the limit! Wordpress success may rely on the fact that it is so easy to maintain and manage that people keep coming back to use this content management system over and aver again.


Wordpress Capabilities

Wordpress can help with every single website need you may have, it also can be easily customized and personalized to anything you can think of: a personal website, a business even a non-profit organization, you set the boundaries to what Wordpress can do.

Since it is an open source CMS lots of talented people come up with useful widgets and applications every day to improve the overall use of the platform, and each one of them can be implemented into your website in minutes. Updates are available every day at Wordpress' official website.


Customer Usability

One of the most impressive advantages of having a website based on Wordpress is that the content management system was initially created for bloggers, therefore the overall website management can pretty much be done as easy as updating your personal blog, that is the truth:

Uploading video and pictures, adding content, editing and deleting, everything is done through a clean and easy to use interface that can be accessed in minutes.


Wordpress Support

As an open source platform we definitely trust the official Wordpress forums found at Wordpress.org: every single question or doubt you may have has probably been answered there already.

Also, at CodeMyConcept, our Wordpress team specialists can assist you with the overall implementation of the website from PSD to HTML conversion through the final release of the website: we have the knowledge and skills to help you created a Wordpress based website out of this world.